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Gildencraft C.I.C is a community interest company limited by guarantee and registered at companies house.

Gildencraft is the trading arm of The Guild of St. Stephen & St. George.

The Companies objects are; through 7 year apprenticeships help young people acquire high quality craft skills leading to sustainable employment.

The active engagement, recruitment and training of young people from ‘hard to reach’/hardly reached backgrounds supporting them into paid employment. The conservation of irreplaceable heritage resources through the work of these stonemasons of the future. Our active encouragement and support of other high quality craftspeople across Norfolk and Norwich, leading to the establishment of a regional hub within the next five years.

 Gildencraft  and the board masters of the guild of St. Stephen and St. George support the 2003 UNESCO convention on intangible cultural heritage

A UNESCO statement noted: ‘Any efforts to safeguard traditional craftsmanship must focus, not on preserving craft objects – no matter how beautiful, precious, rare or important they might be – but on creating conditions that will encourage artisans to continue to produce crafts of all kinds, and to transmit their skills and knowledge to others.”

2003 UNESCO convention on intangible cultural heritage



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