We know from experience that once one high end craft guild enters an area others follow.

One of our objects is to start a United guilds of St. George in Norwich. It would consist of independent guilds under the United guild umbrella.

Companies or individuals wanting to become members would be judged by a board of craft masters. Pre requisites would be indentures or qualification, technical knowledge, experience proved through and a portfolio of work with references. If the highest standards are expected and maintained high rewards can be earned.

A ceremonial and civic commitment is non negotiable.

Bringing wealth in every sense of the word to members through Network of top end allied crafts and trade and area through high paid high skilled jobs for locals.

We are not business trying to make money from hand working people, we are a busy crafts guild wanting to identify quality trades and craftspeople to form working relationships with.

Here are some for the crafts, trades and businesses we wish to work with;

( For this purpose crafts are split into two groups mainly defined by the length of training required.)


St. Eligius & St. George-Goldsmiths Masons (stonemasons) St. Clement & St. George-Blacksmiths Merchant Taylors* (tailors) Pewterers (pewter and metal manufacturers) Cutlers (knife, sword and utensil makers) Saddlers Coopers (barrel and cask makers) St. Joseph & St. George-Carpenters; cabinet makers, wood carvers, Joiners and Ceilers (wood craftsmen) St. Peter & St. George-Clock makers Wheelwrights Furniture Makers Gunmakers St. Crispin & St. George-Cordwainers (fine leather workers and shoemakers) Armourers and Brasiers (armour makers and brass workers) Scientific Instrument makers Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers Founders (metal casters and melters) Shipwrights


Turners (lathe operators) St. Anthony & St. George-Basket makers Clothworkers St. Spyridon & St. George-Potters Bowyers (long-bow makers) & Fletchers (arrow makers) Dyers Furriers & Taxidermists Tylers and Bricklayers (builders) Plumbers St. Luke & St. George-Glass blowers, Glaziers and Painters of Glass Broderers (embroiderers) Upholders (upholsterers) Plaisterers (plasterers) St. Maurice & St. George-Weavers Painter-Stainers Curriers (leather dressers and tanners) Cooks Scriveners (court scribes and notaries public) Musicians Horners (horn workers and plasticians) Farriers (horseshoe makers) Gardeners Distillers Farmers Reed cutters


Mercers (general merchants) Grocers (perishables merchants) Drapers (wool and cloth merchants) Haberdashers (clothiers in sewn and fine materials, eg. silk & velvet) Ironmongers Vintners (wine merchants) Leathersellers Loriners (equestrian bit, bridle and spur suppliers) Fruiterers Builders Merchants Innholders (tavern keepers) Butchers Bakers Brewers Barbers Fishmongers Watermen Apothecaries (pharmacists) Spectacle Makers Wax Chandlers (wax candle makers) & Tallow Chandlers (tallow candle makers)

Membership should be seen as a privilege and acceptance indicates a high level of service, skill and knowledge.