“For clients who recognise the best, expect the best and can afford the best realising top quality items improve with age and use.”

Serram Gilt Client Page

We offer the best in the world. Top quality handmade item are rare in our world today they represent a love of craftsmanship inspired by a tradition of artistry handed down over the generations.
Only the finest stone marble and minerals from across the world are used. The journey starts with an experienced human eye identifying even the tiniest imperfection,only the highest quality perfect material is used for seen and carved surfaces,none of the precious material is wasted with the remainder being assessed and assigned to unseen structural uses.
If necessary a visit will be made to the client anywhere in the world. An interior piece will be carved according to the size of the room and the fall of natural and artificial light. Finally the proportions and design will be tailored to the primary function of the room.
All items are one of a kind originals made to your specifications, the antique treasures of the future and heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.  
The Gildencraft blue ribbon standard assures we will catalogue your piece and not produce an identical item for at least the next 20 years.
Your item can be fitted by our experienced craftspeople anywhere in the world.
A cleaning and repair service is offered for the life of the item. A sample of the actual block of material your piece is made from will be kept for repair should it ever get damaged.

Our Luxury Craft Credentials 

  The "Serrum", the symbol of Gildencraft and the guild, represents a keyhole and is the symbol of more than one aspect of the company and guilds' thinking and being. It is also used for our premium range Serram Gilt. In our pursuit of excellence we find ourselves working alongside a range of allied crafts. You may be surprised by our idea of allied crafts: these are not just skills we work alongside, but the craftspeople we meet whilst working on a client's project, who, working together, create the lifestyle package the client requires at the level they expect. So as well as carpenters/cabinet makers, blacksmiths, plasterers, decorators, upholsterers and thatchers there are goldsmiths, tailors, shoe makers, French polishers, weavers, glass blowers, chefs and yacht, car and airplane builders/fitters, to name but a few.
Some of these will be linked to our ethos of quality, training and community through the confederation of the United Guilds of St George, others not. As a Company and Guild we are very proud of our British identity and its ethos of handmade quality linked with our European and Near Eastern historic lineage, technical and philosophical knowledge and friendships forged over thousands of years.
Our team have a truly international reputation with their work gracing palaces, stately homes, private residences and public buildings  across six continents. There are eight key elements that make up Serram Gilt quality:

1) Rarity

Our Serram Gilt pieces are totally exclusive and one-off. You will not find our work for sale through any retail outlet.

2) Excellence

No concessions are ever made on materials, craftsmanship and standard. Our good reputation for quality is earned and consistent.

3) Expense

The totally handmade nature of our pieces added to the use of the highest quality and sometimes rare materials are evident in our prices.

4) Timelessness

Luxury and quality are timeless. It has a past. It is also immortal because it leaves a lasting, indelible impression.

5) Honest

Luxury is honest. It is not synthetic or reproduced. It cannot be duplicated. It is simple. It does not try too hard.

6) Tailored

Our Serram Gilt pieces are produced to our clients requirement and are unique.

7) Pleasurable

Luxury is pleasurable, whether rational (tactile) or, as is often the case, emotional.

8) Experience

Luxury and quality are experiences and not just objects.  For the most part, it is about the little things that leave an indelible impression.

Who and where are our clients?

greyhound1 WHO?
Those wishing to commission an heirloom, an antique of the future as a tangible mark of a special occasion.
Those buying an asset as an investment.
Those replacing a damaged or stolen piece.
Or just those who want the very best and can afford it.
Our clients come to us for many reasons but the one thing they have in common is that they know our Serram Gilt standard means the meticulous attention to detail given to their quality items will lead to superior pieces that, coincidentally, also appreciate in value over the coming years.
The main areas in which we work fall into six main regions; here they are in order of revenue generated over the past five years:
1/ Cotswolds
2/ Middle & Near East
3/ London
4/ French Mediterranean coast and Italy
5/ Northern, mid France and Belgium
6/ East Coast USA
Due to geographical and atmospheric conditions differing techniques and materials are required to produce the very best, which our clients demand.
"A statue carved by a Renaissance master will never be at its best in the USA or China without specialist interior lighting."
What are these factors?
The diffusion, colour and angle of the natural light are governed by the latitude and the local environ. A large body of water colours the sky and different seas and oceans are different colours. In the same way a large land mass has a similar effect depending whether or not it is green and lush, parched and brown or even a desert.
These subtle nuances and this level of sophistication are part and parcel of the Serram Gilt package.
Some local knowledge is also helpful, for instance The East End - otherwise known as The Hamptons - are commonly lumped in as one, or even with the whole of the US. In fact through years of experience in working in the area we know, for instance, that Southampton tends to favour a more conservative classical style, whereas East Hampton leans more towards a contemporary style. Obviously, this is a generalisation, but knowledge like this can help at the start of the design process.
If you wish to come and see us at work, please contact our Guild Clerk to arrange a visit:  .
Portfolio of work available to potential clients.         Below are some links to Crafts people and companies we admire, I hope you find them interesting.  

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