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The stonemason apprentices are going to be building a castle; a scaled down model of Norwich castle to be specific. It will be made of hand-cut stone blocks and will be as exact a replica as our master mason can make it (and trust us, that’s EXACT!).blocks


Gildencraft and the Guild of St, Stephen & St. George will be building a scale model of Norwich Castle as a  fundraising project to raise money to help apprentices on their 7 years apprenticeship.

For every £3 donated, one real stone block will be added to the model which will, when finished contain 320,000 blocks plus some additional ‘features’ such as arcading, so please become part of this project and purchase a block now. The model is an accurate scale representation of the castle, spanning 2.13m long, 2.13m wide and 1.52m high. The model is currently house at the mainly 15th Century Lodge at St. Clements church. Colegate, Norwich.

The Master’s guild was founded in the same year construction on the current donjon began, and the guild has been in continuous existence ever since. The money goes to support the apprentices on their journey. Converting pound in pockets into pounds of stone is about helping to build a future for our young people.

To Buy your blocks now!


Thank you for your support for this incredible project.

Apprentice working in lodge outside Norwich castle.
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