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Our Projects

"Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do, whether its be our clients projects or the training of the next generation of high end craftspeople."

All work is carried out and supervised by our guild master of international reputation,his dons and apprentices. Our guild master and board of masters have worked on many varied prestigious projects over the last four decades working for British and International Royalty, head of state as well as heritage and construction and restoration work. All our work is top quality as we value our hard earned reputation over a quick buck.


Our team have been involved at all levels in some of the most prestigious conservation projects Europe wide including Windsor castle, Somerset house, The Tower of London, Amien Cathedral, to name a few.

Conservation projects carried out by our team. 

Gildencraft carry out all projects to the highest standard, this includes guaranteeing that all practical and ethical aspects of the works are fully considered.
Attention to the cultural significance and heritage importance of each listed or historic building is a necessity under PPS5. Gildencraft C.I.C can, if required provide a range of heritage conservation services providing our clients with;
. Historic environment statements and Design and access statements for listed building consent
. Technical drawing
. All that is needed by the client for reports; artistic sketches, annotated photographs, historical research etc.
To ensure the highest possible service our practices are continually reviewed using the latest information from our own practical and academic research as well as outside technical, practical, scientific and academic advances.
Our Projects


Using the best approved technical cleaning method available for a specific task Gildencraft carry out the removal of atmospheric pollutants, organic staining, paints and other treatments from masonry structures.


Gildencraft can provide carved and worked stone on a supply only basis to the client. We can advise on the correct stone to use and source it.


Our team have been building houses and working on large construction projects for over thirty years.

GILDENCRAFT can just supply or supply and fix structural and decorative stone work to the clients specifications or we are able to build an individual house or group of houses for the private client or consortium of investors.
We can carry out all masonry aspects in house, arrange for and supervise all other trades and manage the project to a successful conclusion.
We work to the clients wishes constructing anything from a small detached house to a luxury property with swimming pool and landscaped grounds.
When building for a consortium, a 30% return on investment can be realised.


We manage and produce items for interior and garden design projects ranging from small lamp stands and decorative features for studio apartments to Italianate gardens with balustrades, fountains and swimming pools stone and marble floors, kitchens and bathrooms and stone, marble or slate fire surrounds in any style.


We renovate and build new dry stone walls mainly in the Cotswold ares.


“For clients who recognise the best, expect the best and can afford the best realising top quality items improve with age and use.”

We offer the best in the world. Top quality handmade item are rare in our world today they represent a love of craftsmanship inspired by a tradition of artistry handed down over the generations.
Only the finest stone marble and minerals from across the world are used. The journey starts with an experienced human eye identifying even the tiniest imperfection,only the highest quality perfect material is used for seen and carved surfaces,none of the precious material is wasted with the remainder being assessed and assigned to unseen structural uses.
If necessary a visit will be made to the client anywhere in the world. An interior piece will be carved according to the size of the room and the fall of natural and artificial light. Finally the proportions and design will be tailored to the primary function of the room.
All items are one of a kind originals made to your specifications, the antique treasures of the future and heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.
The Gildencraft blue ribbon standard assures we will catalogue your piece and not produce an identical item for at least the next 20 years.
Your item can be fitted by our experienced craftspeople anywhere in the world.
A cleaning and repair service is offered for the life of the item. A sample of the actual block of material your piece is made from will be kept for repair should it ever get damaged.

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Quotations or masonry related. mastersoffice@gildencraft.co.uk 


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