Gildencraft and the Guild have formed close links and alliances with several organisations and groups.
NORFOLK Museums Service
Gildencraft give craft demonstrations fortnightly at Norwich Castle for the Norfolk Museum Service both in the museum and in the museum grounds using our mobile lodge.

We  are at present in the process of developing a permanent display which will work as a manned and unmanned exhibition space dealing in this case with the technical craft and historic aspects of the Norman Castle Keep (Donjon).
On several occasions a year working closely with  the museum and linking to their current events we  give talks to the museums visitors.
On four occasions a year we take our ceremonial life to the castle including our traditional Mystery play, Cain & Abel and are other Guild Plays St. George & the Dragon and in the future Gog Magog which are also toured around the City.


Cain in the Guild Mystery Play Cain & Abel outside the West Front of the Cathedral.

As in the case of the Castle the Cathedral is a great learning resource for our apprentices.

We have on various occasions at the invite of the Dean, been involved in cathedral events. These include The Cathedral Science Festival, The Christmas celebrations and The David Holgate exhibition.