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The Master has chosen for his personal beneficence to help and encourage young disadvantaged people into a crafts career in the city of London and the areas once known as Finsbury.


His childhood memories growing up in this area in the 70's are full of the colourful local craftspeople; watch and clock makers in Clerkenwell and the Nile, stonemasons in Islington and Moorgate, copper plate etchers in St. John's Street, wood turners in Hackney, wood carvers in Barnsbury, farriers and blacksmiths in Whitecross Street, tailors, shoemakers, furniture leg makers, cane and umbrella makers, glass etchers and many more, crafts, most of which have long gone.


St. Luke's Church

There are more and more quality handmade products purchased in London but so little at the top end is produced in London, this is money haemorrhaging from the areas that most need it in our capital city. The professional crafts are not dying or being kept alive for the sake of nostalgia, they are vibrant, interesting, financially robust careers for all sections of the community.

WORDS FROM OUR MASTER "Once a stranger in the form of a craft master, with no expectation of personal gain gave me SELF CONFIDENCE, FREEDOM, SUPPORT, KNOWLEDGE, THE ABILITY TO PROVIDE FOR MYSELF AND FAMILY AND A FEELING OF DUTY WITHOUT GUILT." "For only hard work and reliability I was given what most humans crave, security, a feeling of belonging, reward for hard work, training and knowledge and a well deserved pride in myself and my efforts. The only debt I feel is to help others and insure the Guild system continues into the future if possible in a stronger condition than we found it."
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