Summa Inter Mediocria


Through the connections of the board of masters at The Guild of St. Stephen & St. George we are in the lucky position of having long standing friendships and collaborations with craftspeople and organisation throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

Several of our masters work Internationally on their own projects, involved with the passing on of craft skills and knowledge in real danger of being lost forever in some areas.

One of the goals of our board of masters is to encourage quality crafts training for the young in troubled and depressed areas nationally and internationally tailored to their local technical and cultural tradition.


This culture of cooperation remains within the guilds next generation with new relationships being formed through our year 6 & 7 journeymen still being supported and encouraged to travel widely before returning to produce their master piece. A warm welcome and where possible paid work is also found for any visiting journeymen from across the globe arriving at our lodge.

Sermon Father Donatus Sermon given on the Feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs on 08.11.2014 in Strasbourg Cathedral.

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