Anti Bullying Policy

Gildencraft & The Guild definition of bullying is; Bullying may be defined as the intentional harming or humiliating of another person by physical (including sexual), verbal (including via social media sites and SMS messages), and emotional means (by excluding, tormenting of spreading malicious rumours) that is repeated over time. It can involve manipulation a third party to tease or torment someone. It can involve complicity that falls short of direct participation. Bullying is often hidden and subtle. It can also be overt and intimidatory. Bullying may involve actions or comments that are racist, cultural, homophobic, which focus on disabilities of other physical attributes (such as hair colour of body shape). Bullying can happen anywhere and at any time and can cause psychological damage. We always treat it very seriously. The membership of a Guild is by nature earthy and banter is to be expected and enjoyed, but should be enjoyed by everyone involved, this becomes bullying when distress is caused to the subject of the banter. The distress should be openly mentioned, if necessary to the Beadle, Headmaster or Clerk and must stop immediately. At The discretion of the Clerk and Master, Theft or violence by any members can result in removal from the Guild membership, loss of Guild privileges and if employed by Gildencraft, dismissal. Although we do not judge, and give help where needed. we have a duty of care to all members. To this end anyone found supplying drugs or to be involved in any way with class A drugs will be expelled from the guild and the police will be notified. Anyone found using cannabis or other intoxicating or hallucinatory substance whilst on guild business or under the influence of said substances can be suspended from Guild membership until their case in heard before the Court. First offenders may receive a warning, repeat offenders may be removed from the Guild membership and if employed by Gildencraft be released from their position and if appropriate their apprenticeship. Help can be given to members with drug problems through the Frith system if the Guild Court believe the individual can be helped in this way. The decision lays finally in the hands of the Head Master and Clerk. 2017 © Gildencraft