Summa Inter Mediocria

When we first arrived at St. Clements the surround grounds were very unkempt and litter strewn. Work is presently being carried out on improving our surroundings.

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We are very lucky to have an open space in the city centre. Our garden will, as well as a place of peace and beauty, be a showplace for our work and a classroom for the apprentices where we will teach everything from paving to Classical Persian proportion.


Our garden will be a benefit to the local environment as well as our guild being a haven for birds and invertebrates. We all know that plants take in carbon dioxide and give off health-giving oxygen and water vapour as part of the photosynthesis process. But it's not only carbon dioxide they take in; plants can absorb impressive amounts of other toxins and pollutants as they perform their daily functions, enabling them to act as efficient air and water filters.


The garden will be open to members only with admission to part of the garden for the public restricted to open days or by invitation.
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